Wireless not working on 32-bit core

I’ve installed Ubuntu Core on a Thinkpad T43 for testing. Unfortunately I see no wireless access points from that laptop. I have confirmed wifi works by booting an Ubuntu 16.04.4 USB key. However using nmcli on Ubuntu Core finds no access points at all. The modinfo ipw2200 output from 16.04.4 and from Ubuntu Core.

I have also tried core from edge and pc-kernel snap from edge. Neither makes any difference. Any ideas?

could you also check the journal on both for any errors ?
my suspicion would go towards some firmware file missing, there should be an error if this is the case …

(also core runs a 4.4 kernel while 16.04.4 as a point release uses 4.13 from the hwe stack)

Yeah. It’s at home and I’m in the office, will check when I get back. I am pretty sure I checked the journal for mentions of firmware and that /lib/firmware had the right bits, but will check again and document.

Here you go @ogra
Journal from 16.04.4
Journal from core

These firmware files are identical (as I would expect) on 16.04.4 and core.

045a46163341514ef17490c76bd0c858  /lib/firmware/ipw2200-bss.fw
44cdedc8d5a0eb727466ed982db97a53  /lib/firmware/ipw2200-ibss.fw
ebc70dce66f876695fa8852b8ff757ee  /lib/firmware/ipw2200-sniffer.fw

reading the logs it looks like your wlan device is called eth1 on core for whatever reason (most likely because we force net.ifnames=0 there, though i would still expect the card to come up as some wlanX device normally)