Wine-platform-6-staging how to run applications through it

Hello. I tried to understand how snap packages work in arch linux. I have an xfce shell. Many people told me that the multi-lib repository, if enabled (in the settings, the grid is removed from the multi-lib in the settings file), causes problems with tearing. Therefore, I wanted to try to put a wine from a snap. I went into Add / Remove Programs, selected a wine from the snap repository, installed wine-platform-6-staging. I checked - packages from a snap are launched by the snap run “package name” command. But when I installed wine-platform-6-staging, it does not work with it. Terminal says there is no such file / directory. However, the snap list shows that this package is installed. Even in the file system, I found the folder of this snap wine. So I think it’s not how it should work at all, does someone know, installed a wine from a snap? Can they run exe files or what should be done with it then? wine does not appear in the menu when opening Windows files, wine / winecfg does not respond to prescribing, writes that he does not understand such a command.

The Wine snaps are content-interface snaps, designed to provide runtime environments for other snaps to use. They’re not consumable by themselves and don’t provide a generic installation of Wine that can run any arbitrary .exe, you’d want to use pacman for that.

The concerns of multilib causing screen tearing sound like the kinds of rumours that occur when someone has an issue but incorrectly blames something unrelated just because it coincidentally coincides, personally I’d pay it no mind.

Thanks. I figured out that the wine from the snap will not open any exe files I need. What bindings it provides, I still do not understand, but this is no longer important, I guess. In this case, it is better to turn on the multilib and install the standard wine from there.