Wine 8.0 is out. Could there finally be a proper Wine snap now?

I don’t know if these different versions are proper, but all that sure looks overwhelming and confusing.

…and so on.

Some crarification would be very good for many now that Linux adoption towards gaming is on the rise even more. Proton uses Wine in Steam.

Installing in the “official” way seems very cumbersome long project and even that dreadful PPA adding is needed:

I just wish things on this would be more simple and straightforward. Even though i’, a seasoned Linux user, even i get flabbercasted on Wine and its versions often times when someone asks.

So what’s the stance on having one convenient snap of Wine for every stable release at least? Or am i getting this all wrong?

Wine 8.0

To answer the question about the wine-platform-* snaps: Those packages are wine platform packages - their intended purpose is for use with sommelier for packaging Windows apps with wine. @mmtrt, who has packaged many Windows apps in Snap, owns them and might be able to give you more details.

IMO it’d probably be better if they were to be marked as unlisted in the snap store since you’re right that it can be confusing, but that’s neither here nor there.

Also, for Proton in Steam, you don’t need to install any versions of wine on your system. While Steam uses wine as the base for proton, it distributes the specific proton runtimes itself, so having a system copy of wine doesn’t make a difference.

As for the question about a wine snap: It’s probably doable. It’d probably be easiest with classic confinement, but I doubt it would actually be necessary. It would probably require some super-privileged interfaces though, such as personal-files access to $HOME/.local/share/applications to write desktop files for the relevant Windows apps.


I really hope its doable too… Ubuntu’s own repo Wine always lags behind and no one wants to add PPA’s these days.

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Noticed that there is a Flatpak now for proper Wine. Mybe it helps creating a proper Snap package for it.

Could the flatpak work somehow be followed on / copied to reach a proper snap package for mainline Wine, i wonder again.

There is project but without snap package and there is also project which sponsors Wine development, but problem is with a lot of applications and games made for other platforms who uses this and have a lot of issues which virtualization somehow solves which is currently possible also via some GeforceNow or similar services to play… but is not always as a option and therefore something like this project which uses wine among Steam…

If such wine is needed and are some complex easy to break recipes like with Lutris which uses this, then it is also problem with such applications because today virtualization with Windows is not a hard thing to do but somehow is also sometimes a bit pain and such projects like are solving problem of some important needed application which often has alternatives but sometimes are needed in some corporate or game world…

But important is also today’s real world with a multi-monitor world, which could also mean multi-monitor multi-pc world which solves some troubles when bugs with wine are not viable but with enjoying Ubuntu’s world… And this could also be a step toward something which is a finger into such Windows(or Mac) apps asking if such Windows apps are fully paid and deserved its paid status but if it is such professional application also a tool for Professional then its running status is probably deserved, but also a question for its vendor or a multimonitor multipc approach if today easy virtualization is not a option :smiley: