Wickr broken on upgrade

Wickr Me upgraded from 5.59.11 to 5.74.8 and now no longer launches on Kubuntu 20.04 - Kernel 5.4.0-67, Plasma 5.18.5 QT 5.12.8. Using snap revert to the older version still it still functions though.

$ snap version

snap 2.49.1
snapd 2.49.1
series 16
ubuntu 20.04
kernel 5.4.0-70-generic

all other snaps are fine.

Have you tried reporting the issue to the publisher of this snap? snap info wirckrme lists https://support.wickr.com as the contact URL.

Thanks for the advice, I was trying to find out who published it, I’ll try there.

have you fixed this issue? im in same situation :frowning:

@hazesosa, please check https://support.wickr.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260806179370-Linux-Won-t-Open

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