Why Skype and Slack are still classic-confined?

When Skype and Slack first appeared on the Snap Store they were classic-confined, however, nowadays the Chromium snap is strictly confined and it works, so why are the Skype and Slack snaps, which are Electron apps, still need classic confinement? If the reason is because their vendors don’t know that their snaps can be strictly confined, maybe that could be communicated with them.

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Given Skype and Slack (and many other developers) are responsible for publishing their own snaps in the Snap Store, it’s really a question for them.

That said, we’re keen to move as many classic snaps over to strict as soon as we can. Improvements in the desktop, snapd, core, core18, snapcraft and other places will make it easier over time for those snaps to be strictly confined.

We do talk to our friends at Skype and Slack periodically, and this topic does indeed come up. So it’s on the radar of all concerned.