Why Linux at the bottom?

Hi. I want to discuss with you about, as i think, important theme: why are Linux (desktop) distributions at the bottom?

Look at this: Desktop operating system market share worldwide chart

Recently, ubuntu turned 15 years old, 15! And after this long time linux-desctop has 1% users around the world? what?


  • OS’s based on linux are bad, ugly, fiddly? - NO!
  • OS’s based on linux are expensive? - NO!
  • OS’s based on linux have not enoug apps? - YES!

I think that is main problem. But, what we do? When i started read topics here on this forum in a category of “Request for classic confinement” i was in shoke. A lot of amazing apps for a variety of tasks don’t get permissions for --classic. For far-fetched reasons, and not because this code will harm somebody. And that’s all, no app on most popular store (oh sorry not very, less 1% as you remember) and no interests from users and finaly >1%.

Lets support good ideas!

And what about you? What do you think? Have you applied for verification or can you accept one?

Classic confinement requires a lot of responsibility. If all apps were classic the idea of the snap store: where applications don’t need to be vetted as carefully as in classic Debian / Fedora packages would crumble away and we would be back where we started. We are building something fundamentally different. We will never get there without pressure to improve confinement, interfaces and portals.

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