Why it became impossible to install the Polarr photo editor from the Snap Store

Hello, tell me why Polarr photo editor disappeared, I want to install it but it is not in the Snap Store

I looked at their official site and Linux download directs you to snap store with 404 error.

Also I saw this post : https://wiki.polarr.co/wiki/what’s-new/Polarr-5-is-here-with-a-new-overlay-tool-and-more.html
It’s my opinion, but there is no support for Linux in version 5 it seems, maybe the snap was using version 4 and they discontinued it, maybe it will be added later or they thought it’s not worth it and Linux users should use Web for accessing Polarr.
I found this in AUR:(remove “ubuntu” after “https”) httpsubuntu://aur.archlinux.org/packages/polarr/
And this on Github:(remove “ubuntu” after “https”) httpsubuntu://github.com/Polarrco/polarr_photo_editor_linux