Why is the "remote-build" option in snapcraft not in the help info?

snapcraft remote-build is a valid snapcraft option but it’s not in the online --help output. Can this be fixed. Keeping the help in sync helps with discoverability.

snapcraft --help
Usage: snapcraft [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…

Snapcraft is a delightful packaging tool.

–version Show the version and exit.
-d, --debug
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

build Build artifacts defined for a part.
clean Remove a part’s assets.
close Close for .
create-key Create a key to sign assertions.
edit-validation-sets Edit the list of validations for .
expand-extensions Display snapcraft.yaml with all extensions applied.
export-login Save login configuration for a store account in…
extension Show contents of extension.
gated Get the list of snaps and revisions gating a snap.
help Obtain help for a certain topic, plugin or command.
init Initialize a snapcraft project.
list List snap names registered or shared with you.
list-extensions List available extensions.
list-keys List the keys available to sign assertions.
list-plugins List the available plugins that handle different…
list-revisions Get the history on the store for .
list-tracks List channel tracks for .
list-validation-sets Get the list of validation sets.
login Login with your Ubuntu One e-mail address and…
logout Clear session credentials.
metrics Get metrics for .
pack Create a snap from a directory holding a valid snap.
prime Final copy and preparation for the snap.
pull Download or retrieve artifacts defined for a part.
refresh Refresh existing packages.
register Register with the store.
register-key Register a key with the store to sign assertions.
release Release on to the selected…
set-default-track Set the default track for to .
sign-build Sign a built snap file and assert it using the…
snap Create a snap.
stage Stage the part’s built artifacts into the common…
status Get the status on the store for .
try Try a snap on the host, priming if necessary.
upload Upload to the store.
upload-metadata Upload metadata from to the store.
validate Validate a gated snap.
version Obtain snapcraft’s version number.
whoami Returns your login information relevant to the…