Why 'homehero' snap in "ReviewQueued" for 6 days?

Hi, I’ve seen similar asks but none showed how to see what’s the actual problem and how to resolve it.

My snap, homehero, has two new versions available in " Revisions available to release" and the earlier one was added 6 days ago (10 May 2024). It isn’t entirely clear to me how the deployment happens; the release management doc suggests drag’n’drop which doesn’t work. I do see a warning triangle with occasional tooltip “Can't be released: ReviewQueued”.

Is that a manual process? Is there something that I can/need to do?

Hi ! @beza .

Be patient.

Thanks, yes that worked :slight_smile:

I was asking because I wasn’t sure what that error meant, and all searching through Ecosia (and google) lead me only to previous asks which were mare 3 days after publishing. So, thought that my 6 days were on the more patient side. Will be a bit more patient next time.

For future reference, would it be true to say that this error/warning means that the build is frozen for verification which requires a manual investigation on snapstore side? Also, is there some reasonable time after which one should reach out for support?