Why does docker snap always lags behind?

Docker has been lagging for quite a while, is there a reason why it’s lagging behind ? I see it’s published by Canonical but the latest available version isn’t in stable channel yet.

Is there any way I could help ?

The docker snap is maintained by @tianon at github.com/docker-snap/docker-snap FWIW

I maintain what’s in edge (and usually beta) from that repository, yes, but beyond that is gated on a few Canonical internal teams/testing because there are other dependencies on this particular snap (as I understand it). :sweat_smile:

cc @mclemenceau :eyes:

I think the “right” approach here would be to make correct use of snap store tracks for all supported releases and if possible don’t publish latest/stable at all.

The Docker snap previously provided that, but today there’s only one version supported at a time, so it doesn’t really make much sense to do so (especially as Docker upstream only supports one version at a time – 19.03 really is EOL now).

which is exactly what the complaint is - the version in latest/stable as you said, “really is EOL now” so we need you to update it.

Right, as I also said, I’m not in charge of that part – it’s in progress now though, and will hopefully be updated very soon.


/me goes moan at other people :-p

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Happy to let you know that Docker 20.10.8 snap is now on stable!!

Sorry for the delay, we’ll stay on top of this in the future.

Thanks @tianon!


yey. thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: