Which platforms support OpenGL (or ES)?

What platforms support accelerated graphics snaps, Ubuntu Core, and have at least 1GB of RAM?

  • Skull Canyon (does Ubuntu Core even run on that?)
  • Raspberry pi 3?
  • Dragonboard 410c?


@dank By chance I managed to see this on my way to a funeral.

Try google-plus or subreddits :repeat_one:

  • sadly i have never heard of “skull canyon” i guess you would have to develop an image for it yourself.

  • the pi3 has the vc4 driver enabled by default in our reference images and can use GLES through mesas gallium …

  • the dragonboard should likewise work with the reference images using the gallium mesa drivers.

And rpi4? I wanted to try this:

pi4 (with links to the open bugs) is discussed here: