Where to report packaging bugs?

I’m trying to check out Natron. For Ubuntu, it’s only available as a snap. However, the snap is defective; it doesn’t connect to home while using strict confinement, so it can’t access the filesystem. The starting point and ending point of any project using Natron that I can think of involves reading and writing files, so this is a showstopper bug. However, I can’t find any way to report a packaging bug or any way to contact the snap maintainer.

What do you do when there’s a problem with a snap?

there is a way for developers to set a contact address (mailto, or a link to an issue tracker), but not everyone uses that …

natron particulary seems to be owned by @popey though (written at the banner at the top of the store page), you could file an issue at:

Thanks. Did you just happen to know about the GitHub repository or is it listed somewhere that I overlooked?

yes, i happen to know where popey stores his stuff, sorry for not being clear… he should add a contact address to the store page … (you could file a second issue about this :wink: )