Where is this store?

Looking around, I discovered an actual Snap store on Ubuntu’s website, but I have no idea where it is. Look here:

Has anyone else seen this?

i think this is:

ogra@nanopi-air:~$ snap info snapweb
name:      snapweb
summary:   "Beautiful and functional interface for snap management"
publisher: canonical
contact:   canonical-snapcraft@lists.canonical.com
description: |
  This service allows you to manage your Ubuntu Core device from a web interface
  or REST API.
  Features include:
  - manage updates to the system.
  - control the state of other snappy packages.
  - browse the store to install new snappy packages.
snap-id:     cr5pkasGhR7N3M8wKfP9DJqGxbBGeET2
  stable:    0.26-10     (305) 4MB -
  candidate: 0.26-10     (305) 4MB -
  beta:      0.26-10     (305) 4MB -
  edge:      0.26-11-dev (310) 4MB -

It would be nice if this store (snapweb) showed all snaps in store not the featured and had a desktop version (like electron apps)

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I don’t find any graphical web store on the official canonical webpages, but there is an open/public API so you can create your own app/website like this one