When will we get nextcloud hub 3

I was looking for new nextcloud hub 3 update in snap but it is still not here even but in rc or beta or edge when i can get it if anyone can confirm and if possible kindly update that package asap.

The Nextcloud snap is maintained by Nextcloud themselves. You should contact them directly as we have no influence from this end.

Although I’ll ping @kyrofa anyway, but I don’t know if he monitors this forum these days.

Oh sure, I’m here. To clarify, I don’t work for Nextcloud, I’m a community contributor who happens to maintain the Nextcloud snap with their blessing.

The new marketing-speak for Nextcloud has gotten a bit confusing. Nextcloud Hub 3 is, I believe, version 25. You can track progress on the upgrade here– tl;dr there is a blocking bug making us wait for 25.0.2.

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thnks can you make it happen so i just update with snaprefresh else i need to do a lot of work and deploy that what i am running thanks for your work. and i use redhat btw. if you want to test. i can help.

Oh yes, once we’re happy with it you’ll automatically update just like always.

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can you tell when i can expect that in snap stable. as it is still not in beta or rc

That’s because 25.0.2 is not yet released. Looks like it’s slated for early December.

hey still i did not get that 25 update what is wrong.¿

That’s because 25.0.2 was not released yet (it’s scheduled to be released in 2022-12-08).

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Any update on the release of the Nextcloud 25.x snap please?