When to use forum vs. IRC or RocketChat

Our aim is to move into this forum some of the conversations that commonly happen on IRC and other linear cross-topic discussion methods, so that it’s easier to find subjects, learn about their progress, and provide feedback when that’s the case. Our hope is also that the thousands of messages produced every week by the development team and collaborators around it become historical documents better organized for easier consumption, thus encouraging participation further.

For that reason, prefer the forum. It’s okay to create short topics when that’s really necessary, but search around first and see if somebody else isn’t already talking about that subject under a more broad thread. Those short topics will often end up being long topics, with much insight being exchanged inside them which will be appreciated by others when they join the conversation or simply browse around to understand details.

One good trick is this: respond somebody’s question on IRC with a forum topic link.


How about forum vs. mailing list?

Discourse offers a nicer UI, and it can also be used through mail. Should we move some of the mailing list discussions here?

Yes, the plan is actually to move the mailing list entirely here (unlike IRC, which will stay around). Let’s just get comfortable here first and then work to make this happen.


Love this, only wish it had been started earlier, will be so useful!

I was about to say ‘why doesn’t logging in use Ubuntu One/SSO’ but I guess this is better for cross-distro purposes :slight_smile:

How about forum vs. https://rocket.ubuntu.com ?

Rocket and IRC are very similar from the perspective of the points made above. I mentioned IRC in the topic mainly because the vast majority of the close community hangs there right now, but we’re researching about ways to integrate IRC and Rocket Chat, turning them effectively into a single thing.

I would also prefer rocket chat, it is on the front of snapcraft.io so this is sending mixed messaging.

Here’s the reference https://snapcraft.io/community/

Sure, no problem. RocketChat is now mentioned in the title of this topic.

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(sorry, couldn’t resist … and am indeed eager to earn my first “image attached” badge)


Actually on the front of snapcraft.io it says this (if you scroll down to the bottom):

Read how to create a snap and join the snap-crafting community — we hang out in the #snappy channel on Freenode or snapcraft@lists.snapcraft.io.

FYI: Given Freenode collapse, the snapcraft team has moved to libera.


Can you refresh my memory on the room name?


it is #snappy for snapd, Ubuntu Core, snap issues and everything around it and #snapcraft for snapcraft itself and packaging discussion …

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