When to change channel

I installed Snapcraft as a snap as it’s my understanding this version is more recent than the one that comes from the repositories via apt. As the Snapcraft snap is not yet in the stable channel it needs to be installed as:

snap install snapcraft --beta --classic

This works but I have 2 questions related to this.

  1. How do I know when the Snapcraft snap moves to the stable channel? Is there a way to find out when it has been released to stable so I no longer pull from the beta channel?
  2. When I currently run snap install snapcraft it tells me Snapcraft can not be found. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can show something like Homebrew does where it would still say Snapcraft is not available but search through the beta channel as well?


For question 1 I would say that with snap info <snap-name>

Following your example with snapcraft:

$ snap info snapcraft
name:      snapcraft
summary:   "easily create snaps"
publisher: canonical
contact:   snappy-canonical-storeaccount@canonical.com
description: |
  Snapcraft aims to make upstream developers' lives easier and as such is not a
  single toolset, but instead is a collection of tools that enable the natural
  workflow of an upstream to be extended with a simple release step into Snappy
  enabled system.
  latest/candidate: 2.29.1 (99)  53MB classic
  latest/beta:      2.31   (233) 53MB classic
  latest/edge:      2.32   (274) 53MB classic

Once the latest/stable channel is created you will see it there.

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Thanks, this also partially answered my other question: there is a way to discover a beta snap, you can use this command when Snapcraft isn’t installed yet to find out which channel you can use!

Yes, snap info will help, but we’ll also announce here.

This is a design decision on the snapd side. snap find doesn’t search non-stable channels, either.