When does the build service automatically scan upstream?

Hello snapsters!

The Snapcraft Build service allegedly has the ability to trigger a snap to rebuild not only when a webhook is recieved from the Github repo linked to the snap, but also if the contents of any git (Perhaps specifically Github?) repositories the snap itself builds are themselves updated.

I’ve been looking around for information about this feature but I can’t find anything about it other than happening to know it exists because it kept triggering erronously for me previously. None of the documentation I’ve read acknowledges it exists, and my preferred way of building snaps with an explicit source-tag means that I’d never even have known it does exist, but now I have a scenario where I’d love to be able to rely on it existing so I’ve been looking for more information on it.

What I’d love to know if anyone has an answer, is how often does the build service run this check, I’m assuming it’s likely a cron job done daily, but it’d be great if there was any specific answer, such as the metrics on the store being refreshed at 03:00 UTC or the security scans being run ~06:00 UTC. Does anyone have any information on the magic that goes on here, or know where to look for it?

Thanks in advance!

One for @toto I think.

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