What's the best way to promote builds to candidate?


I have CI generating snaps and pushing (I guess I should say uploading now?) them to the beta channel for my snap when I push to our stable staging branch. When I reach the point that I want to release those to the beta channel though, each architecture has its own revision number but snapcraft release seems to take those numbers. I can’t predict what they’ll be ahead of time, so what’s the best way to say “for all architectures, release what is currently on beta into the candidate channel” ?

I apologise if this is a really obvious question, but my attempts to find an answer thus-far have failed me, and I’m pretty new to all this.



Maybe snapcraft promote --from-channel beta --to-channel candidate <snap-name> can help you out. You get to see a summary before confirming with arch, revision and version field from the snap. If building on launchpad, there’s a “trigger id” that gets set into the snap which we will start displaying for extra assurance on origin of build.

That looks perfect, I didn’t see that in snapcraft help so had no idea it might exist. Thank you.