What's happened: Can't be released: ReviewQueued

I’m using snapcraft.io to building the snap from github repo. I’m bit stuck in a try and retry process to building snap with my nodejs and redis app … after three good builds and releases into both edge and beta channels now in fourth releases i’m stuck into the Releases page https://snapcraft.io//releases where i cannot promote the latest uploaded revisions to the edge channel due to the message:

Can’t be released: ReviewQueued

Why ? What’s meaning of this message ?

it might help if you posted a link to your snapcaft.yaml on github …

looks largely valid (the use of the home interface in a daemon is a bit weird, that would give the daemon only access to /root anyway, but i doubt it would block or force the snap into review)

yep now it’s useless i’ll delete it … maybe is due to the fact i’ve pushed a commit with the confinement: devmode and grade: devel !? After that i think no one revisions works … and the release process is stuck !?

Try using the old (now hidden) page at https://dashboard.snapcraft.io to see if there’s a message there telling you why the review is holding things up… if the review says there was an error (as opposed to fail) then it will need kicking to get the queue moving again (I have had this problem recently).

Thanks … in the old dashboard i’ve found 1 fail on past version #12 once reject that i’ve solved !! The fail was arise from a wrong configuration i had try:

human review required due to ‘allow-installation’ constraint (bool) declaration-snap-v2_plugs_installation (node-service, system-files)