What should go into the cafe category

Let’s enjoy a cup of coffee / tea together.

And maybe think about this –
I just signed the petition

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( it’s been dealt with )

Your post was flagged as spam and I agreed with it without further verification, as it did sound like spam from the title rather than something personal you were involved on. As you can imagine we don’t want to turn this into an activists site, but you are indeed a member of the community and that’s the sort of thing we have this place for, so here we are. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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Posts here won’t go to the front page

Post is on front page

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And the relevance of it for Snap packages is… ?

@jzimm Here it is about:
We come here to drink coffee, talk about life, and share cat pictures.
For snap packages please visit one of the other categories.

@niemeyer This does not belong to the topic. Please move it to its own matter. Many thanks!

EDIT: I moved my topic … So feel free to remove this old, ‘dirty’ one. :wink:

I don’t think you needed to create a new one…
I think posts like this could be acceptable under cafe, though we probably need a more clear policy on what is and isn’t allowed in cafe. And the problem I’ve reported above with this going on the main page should be fixed in any case, then what’s posted in cafe doesn’t matter so much. Maybe petitions could be banned across the board. @niemeyer?

The cafe category isn’t going to the front page anymore. The main policy here is that topics should be brought up by active members of the community. This is a place to chill and talk about other topics, and if that’s not of interest, just don’t subscribe to the cafe category and you shouldn’t see anything about it.

Apologies for the noise.

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“Introduce yourself if you want to” - I do not expect this title to be chosen, just providing gist.

Hi, my name is (on) obvious (enough display, lol) and I have been having a poke around the forum. I like it, if I find out who wrote the stuff on the server providing this I may send an “awesome job guys” note to them and you guys running the place look to be doing a great job too - glad I joined, sorry my contribution level may not be all that great.

I actually noticed snap due skype switching to using it and was completely prepared to hate it, expecting it was yet another poor choice on their part, when I first started investigating it - I hate the way MS has used it with skype but as far as I can tell they have used something that may be as much as fundamentally brilliant in a way that may be shockingly foolish, I am still trying to figure out they access anything without 'plug’ging any 'slot’s and when I do I may have to rate it as clever (somehow) after all.

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Skype is using classic confinement which is designed as a kind of transitional way for snaps to work without having to do all the interfaces stuff (whilst interfaces are refined so that snaps are able to request the access that they need and I suppose we need a good GUI for all that like Android has, as well). It has full (except root) access to your system just like any other non-confined Linux application would. They’re manually reviewed (so it’s of similar status to the old Skype Deb that was in Canonical Partners repository - which is actually slightly more secure (because of the review, though it’s closed-source so the review can’t be that thorough) than the current Skype which requires installing a Microsoft repository) and can’t be installed on Ubuntu Core (an all-snap distribution). Note that there is a warning in GNOME Software about Skype using classic confinement and if installing from the command line you have to use --classic.

The forum software is Discourse and yes it is absolutely amazing (as well as free software (GPLv2)). If you’re talking about the general server/forum maintenance I think @niemeyer (the snapd lead) does a fair bit of that.

Don’t be sorry, comment as often or as little as you like, just stick to the tips in the FAQ :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much @Ads20000, I appreciate your welcoming tone.

Something else revealed the Discourse backbone to me and I was unsurprised, it is a fine effort for sure. If I honestly think I might add even the slightest value, especially the greatest value imho “an easy laugh”, then I will most certainly drop it in though finding time can be a neat trick.

Maybe I should not have mentioned Skype here because your statement regarding it would make a fine note on the last thread I made in a category intended for support. As much as I imagine anyone could easily imagine your reply does not actually provide support I see it providing info (which is actually the best sort of support usually) and I see questions and statements that I would make in reply to it in that thread which could prompt somebody to provide me with at least a decent lead to follow or even make somebody feel like some suggestion they think of might actually help - if you will not copy paste it there then I may yet quote you there because that is where I was hoping for a conversation about Skype.

If nobody starts that introduce yourself thread I may just exercise such cheek as to kick it off myself - I wonder if much would come of it if somebody with the means started a ‘cafe games’ section under the cafe here? Perhaps I will check if I have such means some time if everybody really seems to leave to me the option of starting the introduce yourself thing :smiley:

I was wondering this myself as working all day in the computer I was looking for a funny thread or something to chill… something like “what are you watching right now?” or something like that. Would that be okay to post in the Cafe category or not at all?