What permissions does `snapcraft upload` need?

I’m using CI to push snaps, but I’m having some issue, it uploads fine but the command ends with an error:

$ snapcraft login --with "$SNAPCRAFT_LOGIN_FILE"
Login successful. You now have these capabilities:
snaps:       No restriction
channels:    No restriction
permissions: ['package_push', 'package_update', 'package_release']
expires:     2099-01-01T00:00:00.000008
$ snapcraft upload --release=beta glaxnimate_*.snap
Preparing to upload 'glaxnimate_0.4.6+snap-cfa560ec_amd64.snap'.
After uploading, the resulting snap revision will be released to 'beta' when it passes the Snap Store review.
Install the review-tools from the Snap Store for enhanced checks before uploading this snap.
Pushing 'glaxnimate_0.4.6+snap-cfa560ec_amd64.snap' [====================] 100%
Ready to release!
Revision 492 of 'glaxnimate' created.
Could not retrieve information for 'glaxnimate'.
Recommended resolution:
Ensure the snap name is correct and that you have permissions to access it.
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables 00:02
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

I assume the given permissions are not enough? it’s odd it can upload but fails when verifying.


I’ve got the same issue and it seems related to this topic: `package_upload` is no more enough for uploading?

So far there seems to be no solution for this version.

You need the following ACLs when calling export-login: