What is "the Snap" way to make snap package from real cmake project?

I want to create snap for my Textpofan2 text editor. It involve build few libraries and application it self. Now some of the libraries are successfully build. But library EnergoKodEditor1 failed to build. The reason is that it is depent on some other libraries (compiled ealier) - notably Hunspell includes are not visible. I checked that every files of Hunspell are in /root/parts/hunspell.

$ sudo tree -d -L 3 /root/parts/hunspell
├── build
│   └── CMakeFiles
│       ├── 3.10.2
│       ├── CMakeTmp
│       ├── Export
│       └── Hunspell.dir
├── install
│   ├── include
│   │   └── Hunspell
│   └── lib
│       └── x86_64-linux-gnu
├── src
│   ├── Include
│   │   └── Hunspell
│   └── Src
└── state

I encounter this problem ealier with qmake based project and then I simply addded Libs += -L…/hunspel/install/include to *.pro file. But I think this is ugly and Snap specific.
Beside this cmake require *Config.cmake files.

I don’t want reinvent the whell - so my question is:
What is recomenended way (the Snap way) to build real Cmake projects?
By “real Cmake projects” I mean: some 3party libraries and some my libraries (depends on 3parties) and application (depends on 3party and my libraires).

Sorry for that silly question. The problem was with #include <hunspell/hunspell.hxx> whitch was correct in previous build system (qmake), but no more with new one (cmake - which I create for all of my projects).

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