What is "Ask the Snap Advocacy team to celebrate the snap"?

I’m morbidly curious about the last task in snapcrafters/fork-and-rename-me: Snapcrafters template. Fork to your GitHub account and rename it for the snap you’re creating., what does it actually do? Should it be done when the upstream rejects the offer? Is there a cake?

Regular ping…

Regular ping……

You fork it when upstream doesn’t deliver snap and it is faster or more entertaining to do it yourself and then propose to upstream.

The Snap Advocacy team could post about your snap on Twitter, feature your snap in the store, blog about it… there are many ways they can publicise and celebrate the snap


That’s what I actually thought it is, thanks for confirming!

Sorry, missed this thread.

Every couple of days or so, myself and the other advocacy team members get together and brainstorm social posts to put out over the snapcraft social accounts. For an entire year now we have posted 2-3 times a week about individual snaps. Typically we are able to look at what’s new and updated in the store and create a post to promote the application. We’ve had a good pipeline over that year such that I don’t think we have had to repeat any of the snaps (other than re-shares which may happen).

If developers are keen to have their application highlighted, we are usually happy to accommodate, subject to it having good store metadata, functioning well and being something we feel good promoting. We can be pinged here on the forum or on #snapcraft irc on freenode :slight_smile:

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I would like to ask if this task should be done regardless of its upstreaming status?