What does the Satellite "advanced scalable Open source intelligence platform" actually do?

The Satellite package came with snap search results and it kind of looked like something that might be useful for me. I couldn’t find documentation or really anything online (besides a mostly useless Install satellite on Linux | Snap Store page).

I installed the package, which wrote many dozens/hundreds of files across my filesystem, but there was no obvious entry point. I executed the /snap/bin/satellite.cli binary, but just got error messages: Impossible to connect to http://localhost:80.

Does anyone have anymore information on this?


The repo that it appears to be built from is at https://github.com/alanzanattadev/satellite-snap

Given the snap hasn’t been touched since 2018, I’m imagining it doesn’t work.


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Thanks. Although I’m still curious to at least know what it was supposed to do. And I’m guessing that, if it’s actually bricked now, it should probably be removed from Snap.

Yeah, sorry, no idea. I downloaded and unpacked it but didn’t “install” it as such, because it was so old and I didn’t know whether it would do anything I didn’t want it to. From first glance, I don’t think it does a lot.

Yes, old, non-functional snaps should be removed or unlisted or deprioritised or made to look bad so people aren’t incentivised to install them. I have indeed, lamented about this here and elsewhere.

The best one can do right now is click “report” on the store if something is broken, and let @store know about it, and decide what to do.

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