What does symbol ↑indicates at channel section?

When I execute command:
snap info telegram-desktop
in channel section is output:

latest/stable: 2.2.0-1-gfe639078a 2020-07-27 (2064) 161MB -
latest/candidate: ↑
latest/beta: 2.1.21-beta-63-g5655ad25b 2020-07-24 (2054) 160MB -
latest/edge: 2.2.0-33-g4ba7de8df 2020-08-14 (2079) 161MB -

What does symbol ↑at candidate channel indicates?

  1. candidate version is the same as stable version
  2. candidate version is the same as beta version
  3. candidate version is not available and installing from it installs no sofware
  4. something else
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It indicates that if you run snap install --candidate telegram-desktop it will install from stable channel. It always goes up to more stable channels never down.


that …

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There was a proposal on the forum to instead use the symbol instead as that more clearly shows what’s going on, but that seems to have been lost, so I just revived that proposal and opened https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9176 to change this

EDIT: nvm we can’t have nice things because unicode is hard so I closed that PR, perhaps someday we can haz nice things


I think the issue was that ↑ is in the base character set while ⬏ requires an extended character set so the decision was made to use the first one.