Welcome snapcraft 2.32

Hello snapcrafters!

We are pleased to announce the release of snapcraft 2.32:

  • This is a snap-only release, available in the candidate channel: sudo snap install --candidate snapcraft
    • Note that we’re simply skipping a deb for this release, not phasing out the deb in any way.
  • View the full list of merged PRs.
  • Specific bug fixes can be seen on the Launchpad milestone.


This release saw some excellent contributions from outside the snapcraft core team, and we want to give a shout out to those folks. A team thank you to:

New in this release


Who am I?

Several operations in the snap world require one’s account ID out of the store (e.g. creating model assertions). It gets old having to login to the web dashboard to get that ID, so we introduced a snapcraft whoami command that returns information about the account which is currently logged in.


Snapcraft has always supported local sources (i.e. sources sitting alongside the snapcraft.yaml), but has always used them as a fallback, i.e. if it was determined that it wasn’t another source, then it assumed it was local. This release includes the ability to actually specify that a given source is local, even if it’s e.g. a git repo.



Support was added to the Catkin plugin for the newest ROS distro, Lunar.


Support has been added for cross-compiling Rust parts by using snapcraft --target-arch=<arch>. Note that we’re still working on support for cross-compiling with stage-packages– stay tuned for multi-arch support.


The autotools plugin supports a configflags option to supply flags to use when running ./configure. However, it was enforcing uniqueness on these flags, which prevented some projects from building successfully. This release stops enforcing uniqueness on configflags.

Final notes

To get the source for this release, check it out on github.

A great place to collaborate and discuss features, bugs and ideas on snapcraft are the forums and the snapcraft channel on Rocket Chat. Please also feel free to file a bug.

Happy snapcrafting!
– Kyle and the team