Week 45 of 2017 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! It has been a while since the last one, so we will quickly recap on some items from the past weeks as well.


  • Sergio presented Snaps for IoT at AllThingsOpen this past October.
  • Kyle talked about Ubuntu, snaps, and Snapcraft at the ACM kick-off event/Ubuntu release party at Walla Walla University.
  • This weekend Sergio will be presenting at PyConAR 2017.

New snaps

Some members of the team take some time to help around in the ecosystem, Leo has been focusing on these snaps these past weeks:

  • parity, helping them to make it work fully confined and with the desktop assets, to prepare for the first stable release.
  • ipfs-cluster has just been adopted by the upstream developer, but required two work arounds: $HOME in go and building with gx.
  • vault was transferred to snapcrafters for better maintenance.
  • yarn now works even with packags that require node-gyp. It’s on discussion to get classic confinement, and then it will be ready for a call for testing.

Work in progress

During the past weeks the team has been working on consolidating what will be the 2.35 release, it is an interesting release all together, make sure to take a look at the (as of today) draft release notes.

Lot’s of stabilization went into this release, the target is that this release is the one that will make snapcraft available on the stable channel. Asset recording is ready to collect detailed information from a clean container and 14.04 LTS could be used as a base operating environment to build snaps (through the snapcraft snap).

We have also been preparing the tasks for google code-in, to welcome new and young contributors into the project.

Keep in eye on the forum topic about the call for testing of 2.35 if you are at all interested.

Looking into the future

The team has mapped out the planned work items all the way through to 18.04; tasks have been sized by means of estimates to have a better idea of the workload the team can take. We invite you to take a look at the project and subscribe to the items of your interest.

The pool of tasks there will be selected on a weekly basis to make out the next milestone, which is 2.36

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