Week 28 of 2017 in snapcraft

Week 28 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! This covers work from July 10 until July 14 of 2017.

External contributions

First and for most, we extend a thank you from the team to all the external contributions we’ve seen this week, a special shout out to Evan Dandrea (@evan) and Rex Tsai (@chinchun).

Developments in master

  • Improvements in the file collision detection in parts PR: #1405
  • Set the file to record to manifest.yaml PR: #1406
  • Improve the testing documentation to ease collaborator induction PR: #1394
  • Testing fix to not break a users bzr configuration options PR: #1357
  • Ensure cleanbuild with the --debug option enters a debug shell on failures PR: #1404
  • Documentation improvements to the python plugin with better explanation of the dependency links attribute PR: #1402
  • Mock improvements to the rustup cross compilation tests PR: #1396
  • Cross compilation support in autotools PR: #1383
  • Testing improvement to filter tests when running inside a docker container PR: #1375
  • Determenistic pip list output to json in the python plugin PR: #1393
  • Python 3.6 testing fixes PR: #1398
  • Typo fixes in the python plugin documentation PR: #1401

Current Pull Requests

  • Revert the CDN workaround in tests that caused connection resets as the CDN provider has fixed the root cause PR: #1410
  • Setup XDG_CACHE_HOME for container builds PR: #1408
  • Record the original snapcraft.yaml used for the build PR: #1407
  • Check if there is a container to remove before trying to do so PR: #1403
  • Better messaging between a missing LXD installation and a misconfigured one PR: #1400
  • Ruby plugin support PR: #1399
  • waf crosscompilation support PR: #1397
  • Extract the rosdep logic from the catkin plugin PR: #1392

Active implementation forum discussions

Question and answers on the forum


  • Carla (@letozaf) writes about her experience in creating here first snap on her blog on this blog post and another one on creating a snap for a go cli application on this post
  • Leo (@elopio) wrote about using single snap using gobot deployed onto many SOCs on this post and errbot, a snap for simplified chatops on this blog post.
  • Christian (@kalikiana) wrote about cross compiling iota, a rust application, using snapcraft on his blog.