Week 27 of 2017 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! This covers work from July 03 until July 07 of 2017.

External contributions

First and for most, we extend a thank you from the team to all the external contributions we’ve seen this week, a special shout out to @evan and @ppisati.

Development work


Ongoing dicussions on the forum and feature branches took place last week:

  • Consensus has been reached on manifest generation for a snap. Branches in progress and this is the forum post where it was finalized in.
  • API discussions ongoing on how plugins can notify the assets used was discussed on this forum post.


  • Added bash completion support in the advent of support in snapd. PR: #1390
  • Correct handling of I/O errors on file replication logic. This allows one to work with snapcraft in docker from OS X to build snaps. PR: #1369
  • Ongoing, with consensus now on how to declare architecture support of a snap for builders (builder hint) on this forum post.


  • Project assigned containers are now cleaned on snapcraft clean. PR: #1372.
  • Use the correct uid on container mount for project assets. PR: #1385


  • Default targets added for powerpc, ppcel64 and s390x. There are default targets for all the supported targets now. PR: #1377
  • Cross compilation support for the autotools and waf plugin were proposed.

Project testing and CI

  • Testing refactors for readability and speed. PR: #1391.
  • Applied a workaround for the download failures due to CDN issues in our testbed PR: #1386.

News and outreach