WebRTC Stream

Can I stream live through WEBRTC with SDI as input format? And what hardware or drivers needed to ingest the SDI so that I can I stream live through WEBRTC?
The system for the streamer is on the go meaning mobile. Can anyone help me to build and what is the fee if there is someone willing to help? Please email me naza.mantin@gmail.com

Can you go into more details ?

WebRTC is a network protocol that you can surely use in snap packages via the network and network-bind interfaces …

SDI is a camera interface that should just show up as a video4linux (v4l) device as long as your kernel has integration for this hardware. the device should then show up as /dev/videoX (with X being some number) and be accessible via the snap camera interface.

You request is not very detailed in what exactly you need help with, if it is just about packaging an application that utilizes an SDI attached camera via /dev/video to provide the stream via WebRTC, this is surely easy to do via snap packages and people in this forum can surely help if you provide a bit more info.

Hi Ogra,
Attached a workflow of the system to be improved.

From our test in the field of the above system, since the network connection fluctuates a lot, there are lots of downtime connection with both RTMP and RSTP format using H264/265 codec. The interesting part is that our Phone conferencing system performs much better than the above system.

Thus, the phone from what I understand is a WebRTC protocol, there looking for a system that can do the above as the workflows suggest. Therefore we need a portable box which is small enough to be on the go on the client-side and the receiving server or host to receive the feed.

Please feel free to message me and I do hope I could accomplish a system with Ant media.
My skype id >> naza mantin

That is to say we want to replace the encoder with a BOX that can receive SDI, use WebRTC protocol and small enough to be on a mobile and also using LTE network with possible aggregaye bonding of LTE.

Just so there is no confusion, you realise that this forum is not associated with And Media or their software, right?

Snapcraft and snapd are tools used for software distribution, so there won’t necessarily be any experts in ant-media-server here.

While Ubuntu Core and snap packages will surely be able to help you to build some kind of appliance image for such a box and while we can help with both, you’d still have to select some hardware, and the software. if james is correct, the first step would be to get a snap package of ant-media-server together.