WebRender disble by default in Firefox 87 (Ubuntu) Snap?


So, I ask this question on FF help forum: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1331559
someone told me to ask in the snap specific forum. This is before I summit a possible bug report on bugzilla

Does WebRender gets disable by default in Firefox 87 Snap?

I use Firefox as an Ubuntu Snap. In Firefox 86 (snap version) I got WebRender enable by default, I check the about:support and run some benchmark to confirm that WebRender was enable and everything seems good!

I did a “revert” to FF 86 snap and WebRender was enable by default

But now with this update I no longer have webrender enable by default, I test the apt package of firefox 87 and webrender is enable by default in Ubuntu 20.10.

Can someone please confirm that WebRender is disable by default on the snap version of FF 87 and why?


For information, I report de bug in Bugzilla (Snap) WebRender disable by default in FF87 in Ubuntu 20.10

So its been look at it