Webdev on 20.04 (dotnet-sdk and node woes)

Morning all. I had a very late night yesterday getting my development environment up and running again after installing 20.04, and I ran into a couple of issues that I’m unsure of who/where I should report pertaining to snaps.

Very long story short, I installed 20.04 and I required 3 components to get up and running. Node.js, Dotnet-Sdk and Docker.

Installed all snaps and immediately had issues.

When building my app with dotnet I was stumped by the error:
“Process terminated. Couldn’t find a valid ICU package installed on the system/ Set the configuration flag System.Globalisation.Invariant to true if you want to run with no globalization support.”

Worse yet, the dotnet-sdk is not available in MS repos yet (even though their documentation claims it to be so) so for now, the snap is the only reasonable path.

After a lot of digging, I discovered that it was breaking because it was expecting to see libicu60 installed (20.04 repo only has libicu66).
I grabbed the deb from here (http://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/i/icu/libicu60_60.2-3ubuntu3_amd64.deb), which fully resolved my dotnet issue.

Lastly I was having issues with a javascript executing docker-compose. I first suspected the docker snap was at fault because npm was working as exptected for me elsewhere, but I was able to exectue the same command in a shell without any issues. In the end I replaced node with the binary release and everything’s been working fine since.

So to recap. Docker snap works absolutely fine. Dotnet-sdk snap has a dependency issue when building and the node snap looks like it has some sort of permissions issue which I don’t have the experience to suss out exactly why it breaks.

Now, who should I report this to in order to be a good, if sleepy, samaritan?

I don’t have much experience with .NET so I hope I’m not saying something stupid here, but which MS repos and which documentation are you referring to? As far as I can see they support .NET up to Ubuntu 19.10:

Ah, just found the following page. I guess Microsoft are currently in the process of rolling out support for Ubuntu 20.04, that’s why the instructions here don’t work (yet?). Perhaps wait for a few days.

As a workaround the .NET SDK can be installed manually:

A GitHub issue refers to the missing packages for Ubuntu 20.04:

Another one refers to a libicu dependency problem:

About the snaps themselves:

Turns out I was off the mark regarding node. It was VS Code’s internal terminal that was overriding my path which was the culprit.

The dotnet-sdk issue has already been reported so I can wrap this up as a big “mea culpa”.

Thank you for your time.