We need ipv6 support ASAP

Hey there!

The snap api does not provide any ipv6 address. This makes the snap store unreachable from ipv6 networks only which are getting more common these days.

Please consider adding ipv6 support ASAP, thanks <3


We had some infrastructure blockers on IPv6 previously but those have largely been addressed at this point and we may be able to start enabling v6 support as soon as Q3 this year.

Do we have an updated timeline? I’ve got a few IPv6 only servers that I can’t use snap with.

I’m perplexed at Canonical’s apparent inability to make their snap store accessible via IP v6. It’s been a year since IP v6 support was supposed to be available. Please advise on an actual delivery timeline of this capability. Some of us have IP v6-only machines. Thanks.