We Need A Storefront

The Snap Store does not have a storefront online. Unless you count http://uappexplorer.com, which is unofficial. We need an official store page.


I was thinking that the storefront would (probably) mostly render the appstream meta-data. What are the other desirable properties of a public store front?

Obviously, everything that uAppExplorer has, except with:

  1. No click packages from Ubuntu Phone
  2. Ubuntu Branding
  3. Ability to switch to other stores (Ubuntu Store, Orange Pi Store, other Canonical-powered stores) [Yes, Canonical runs other Snap Stores than just Ubuntu]
  4. Ability to install by clicking a button (doesn’t quite work on uApp)
  5. Better sorting and searching, actual Editor’s picks
  6. Payments API! Also, advisably, perhaps Canonical would split the 30% they take from each transaction with the distro the snap package was downloaded from. So if downloaded from Fedora, Red Hat gets 13%, Canonical 13%, PayPal (or whatever) the 3%.

uAppExplorer is open source at:

Ubuntu just needs to fork this, make the few changes, and done!

First, we very much appreciate that Brian’s uAppExplorer has been filling this need for us, and as a result it had been low priority to create a replacement. That said, we do have a new storefront for snaps in our near-term roadmap and we value suggestions such as yours above on what we should surface there.