Was the krita snap removed from the store?

I used to install Krita from the store, but it seems to no longer be available… was is yanked from the store?

Ah, Twitter has the answer. They made it private while they look for a maintainer. They are running into too many issues with the snap. Looks like they are losing interest in it.


@Krita_Painting: Important news for Ubuntu users: have made the Krita Ubuntu snap private until we find a new maintainer for the snap builds. We have too many reports of issues with snap and Krita.

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We can help! I note you reached out to them @bashfulrobot - let us know if there’s anything we can to do identify and iron out the issues their users report.

That will be great! I had already reached out to them via IRC - so the process is in motion. Michael Hall (original author) had pointed out that it was a real early snap - so it may not be leveraging the latest snap features based on how it was built in the YAML file.

bashfulrobot: for context, Krita was one of the early snaps which means it probably isn’t taking advantage of all the newer desktop support parts/interfaces, I would suggest looking there for starters and bring it up to date with the current “best practices” for desktop app snaps

The developer made a quick mention of this issue:

that would be awesome! mhall119 created the current recipe, but I just don’t have the knowledge to keep it up to date or debug problems like people’s X11 session crashing in libxcb when running the Krita snap

I should likely either re-title this thread or start a new more appropriate thread to capture issues and progress.

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just to tell that Krita 4.0.0 has been released, and it’s impossible to install it on Ubuntu 16.04 since it isn’t in the krita lime ppa and the snap has been removed :confused:

Yeah, This is the problem I have run into. The base snap runs 16.04. I have been trying to work through it. I have a feeling that once the base snap is upgraded to 18.04 I can work through this. Assuming that the base snap image is updated shortly after release.


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Hi, any advance with krita.snap ? now is the version 4.0.3

Waiting on the 18.04 Base. There are issues with 16.04. Actually I should go search the forum and see if anything has changed there.

I’m also interested in the Krita snap. I don’t mind using beta-quality snaps in the meantime.

Have you retitled the topic? I can help.

Hi, there , Any progress with this?

I’m working on it at the moment along with a couple of other chunky snaps.


Great!!! I hope see it soon