Was Chrome ever a Snap?

I always thought Chrome was an existing snap already (not Chromium). Either, I always downloaded Chrome using the .deb file or I used the “snap”. I don’t remember. Did it get removed or did it never exist?

After setting up a new OS, I have been getting an error message with Chrome (.deb) that it cannot update and needs to be reinstalled. I also remember I had to install audio codex. These are things I never had to do with any other new OS for several years (or at least I don’t remember doing them) and that makes me think it was a Snap that got delisted

From what I remember, Chrome has never been a snap. It’s always been Chromium.

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No, there was never a Chrome snap in the snap store. Some work was done to upstream the snap packaging, which would have made it possible for Google to build a Chrome snap, but this was discontinued due to Google’s lack of interest for a Chrom{e,ium} snap, and is now outdated.