Warpinator (building from source the only way for Ubuntu currently!)

Warpinator is a free as in freedom and open-source tool for sending and receiving files between computers that are on the same network. All you need do is install Warpinator on the computers, choose a group code, edit your firewalls if necessary, and that’s all. Warpinator has replaced the likes of Dukto etc. as it’s so simple and clear to use.

Currently, getting Warpinator to Ubuntu is an abomination and makes even many seasoned users feel dizzy by just looking:

“$ sudo apt-get install python3-grpc-tools python3-grpcio $ git clone https://github.com/linuxmint/warpinator.git $ cd warpinator $ git checkout 1.0.6 $ dpkg-buildpackage --no-sign $ cd … $ sudo dpkg -i warp.deb”.

This above is the only way on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and later… Snap, please, someone! Thanks.