VSCode update lags on snap

My VSCode is keep telling me I have a new version & points me to code_1.15.1-1502903936_amd64.deb, but

$sudo snap refresh
[sudo] password for MEME: 
All snaps up to date.
$snap list
Name    Version            Rev   Developer      Notes
core    16-2.26.14         2462  canonical      -
vscode  1.14.2-1500506907  15    flexiondotorg  classic

This is happening for a week or so. Can I use deb? Not likely. If not then how to get this updated?


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@Wimpress vscode issue here (needs updated build)

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@lucyllewy Do you by chance know where the YAML is sitting today? I looked on Martins GitHub and the SnapCrafters repo… was considering a PR to help out when there are updates.

Unless I’m an idiot and went right by it.

I believe it is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~flexiondotorg/+junk/snap-vscode

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Thank you, sir! I appreciate it @lucyllewy

Bumping this thread as the snap has not been updated after the release recently.

@Wimpress Could this be moved into the snapcrafters repo and wired up? Then we could version bump and assist in the future. Or what is your prefered method?

vscode has quite frequent updates. If the snap doesn’t track the releases I will tend not to use the snap. I’m newish at snaps. Are there solutions to coordinating:

  • Users’ response to a notification with a request to update?
  • Application release notes with a snap-update?

–Peter G

I disabled the update notifications inside vscode. It is nice to have this updated but I am willing to wait since this is still maintained by volunteers. Hopefully they come around to do it :slight_smile:

@Wimpress - I have done some local testing with 1.20 (I pulled with bzr) and was going to propose a merge so that 1.20 could maybe get put into candidate or something for wider testing…

Granted I have next to little Baazar familiarity, I have run into this:

bzr: ERROR: lp:~flexiondotorg/+junk/snap-vscode has no associated product or source package.

Was just hoping to help you out here. :grinning:

It would be nice to have some automated system to get new releases to edge IMHO…

Maybe something watching https://api.github.com/repos/Microsoft/vscode/events and then when a new release is done it does a push to a git repository that is monitored with build.snapcraft.io so that the new snap can be automatically pushed to edge.

In theory we could also just do this with a snapcraft that has a part that monitors the upstream git, but we don’t use it for building anything, and instead we just build the snap if a new version is found, but that would imply that our builder would be called even when not needed (exposing build error although it’s not really the case), and this look like a resource waste to me.

EDIT: actually, https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/5458 looks like is planned for Microsoft February integration plan, but is marked as blocked right now :thinking:

Rather than try and bend build.snapcraft.io to do it, why not just use launchpad?

I detailed how I use launchpad to build MAME stable and edge builds on the thread “Auto release to stable from build service”, which may be useful.

I have to ask, what is holding up updating this package? @bashfulrobot did you encounter any issues in your testing?

Edit: Installed the AUR package as a workaround.

I do not have access to bump this snap. @Wimpress needs to do it as it is in his LP repo.

I released a new snap a couple of days ago.


FYI - the Feb 2018 update is now out (1.21), so this will need a version bump again.

Let me know if I can assist in any way.

bump (new version with snap lagging)