VSCode snap does not respect ibus-setup

I am running Ubuntu 19.10 with two instances of Visual Studio Code. One has been installed using the official .deb package and another one has been installed using the Snap.

I would very much prefer to only use the Snap since it doesn’t add extra APT repositories as the .deb does. Unfortunately, the Snap package does not respect ibus-setup, causing trouble with some shortcuts.

The default shortcut for showing the file tree is Ctrl+Shift+E. In a default Ubuntu install, this shortcut is intercepted by IBus to allow emoji input. I’ve used ibus-setup to disable this shortcut.

The .deb VSCode works properly now and using the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut opens and closes the file tree as expected. The Snap on the other hand does not work as expected and still expects an emoji selection.

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