Vscode isn't been updated

vscode is stuck in version 1.31, while 1.32 is available since february (already in 1.32.3). Its snap is usually updated within days of release, not this case though.
Is there any blocker bug? Or the snap is not being maintained?

Thanks for the ping. 1.32 hit the edge channel in the store 11 days ago.

In future, I’d recommend either:-

  1. File an issue at https://github.com/snapcrafters/vscode/issues (we get notified about those)
  2. Do a pull request against https://github.com/snapcrafters/vscode/blob/master/.build-trigger.txt with a datestamp in it, that’ll also notify us, and if merged, will trigger a build

We’ll then test and push to stable.

I’ve triggered a build, 1.32.3 should land in stable shortly. Sorry for the delay.

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This is now updated. Thanks again!


Many thanks!
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