Vscode fonts - Fedora 28

I have installed vscode on my machine and the fonts don’t appear to be picked up from the host. Whatever font I choose in the editor font family setting of the application, it remains the same.

I am new to snap and so don’t know if this is expected and fonts will need to be provided to the package directly… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using Fedora 28, Gnome Shell, Wayland session.

I think Fedora 28 ships a fontconfig that breaks things. We’re aware of the issue, and I think @zyga-snapd had a plan.

That’s great, thanks for the response.

Is there somewhere I could follow the issue you’re having so I can see when it gets resolved?

I think we can reply in this thread directly.

I had moved away from using the snap on Fedora while due to this issue.
I just wanted to report that I am using the latest version of Solus (Budgie Desktop) and have the exact same problem there too.

Seems like the antialiasing doesn’t work at all (with non classic snaps it works fine tho)