Volumetry of all snaps

Hello community,

On my snap-store-proxy offline (air-gapped mode),
I would like to download all the snaps locally,
I would like to know what the volume is (much space should I reserve) if we store all the snaps with --channel=stable --arch=amd64 (about 6228 snaps) ?
How much space we should reserve under /var ?

Thank you in advance

I think we currently need:
3TB on /snap
4.2TB on /var/lib/snaps

can anyone confirm it?

Not a store person here, but I’m wondering why you’d do this and how you are planning to keep track of updates and fixes of all these snaps then, that must be a full-time job…

Not convinced your numbers are right.

I have around 1820 snaps here, from the store, and it’s coming in at 134GiB.

I found the file /var/cache/snapd/names, which seems to represent all available snaps, there are 6231 lines in this file today.

We will perhaps reserve 500GB of space and download only the packages that may interest us.

Sorry, to clarify, I agree that the total number of snaps is around right. I just meant that 1820 I had downloaded had clocked up 134GiB disk space.

Further with 5711 it’s 410GiB.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Thank you for the information !!

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