VMware Workstation Pro snap


Partially as a training exercise, partially just to reduce a mess at my workstation I’d like to install my VMware Workstation bundle as a snap. The app is distributed as a .bundle file see FILEext.
Does anybody have a hint about initiate and complete the task?
Are there snapcraft plugins appropriate to that file format?


The biggest problem aside from the possibly non-redistributable licensing is that non-free hypervisors are usually shipping some out-of-tree kernel modules to be built and loaded on the host, which is not supported by snapd on classic systems.

Just my two cents.


Thank you for your input.
These are good points, definitely.
I don’t feel afraid about the license related issue. There may be a generally available VMware Workstation Player/Pro package distributed with the snap without the license key. If a user has his/her license key, he/she will enter it. If not, the software will run in the 30-days trial period.
The second remark seems to be much more challenging.

Maybe the Vagrant snap package can be a good first step?