VLC not seeing TV USB Dongle

I have been using VLC to watch DVB-T/T2 for sometime and took the plunge in moving over to the snap.

The snap version appears to be having trouble seeing my USB TV dongle. When I load my channel.conf file, VLC acts as if it does not have permissions to use the TV dongle.

I’m getting these errors when VLC attempts to scan for the DVB-T/T2 channels.

“VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvb-t://frequency=545833000:inversion=-1:bandwidth=8:code-rate-hp=2/3:code-rate-lp=:modulation=256QAM:transmission=-1:guard=1/128:hierarchy=0’. Check the log for details.
Your input can’t be opened:”

I have attempted to use the flatpak version of VLC. That works and can detect the TV dongle, and uses the channel.conf file with out issue.

I’m thinking it is a permissions issue due to the way snaps are sandboxed. The TV dongle itself is a PCTV290e and is detected as /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

A strictly confined snap currently has no way of accesing the /dev/dvb tree. See New interface requirement: dvb