Vlc doesn't match system theme

I have a dark theme for my desktop, but when i install/run the VLC snap, it shows up in a bright white theme. How can i get it to match my system’s theme? thanks


Could you provide a bit more information? What theme in particular are you using?

it’s called Elementary Dark

Is that independent of the dark variant of the Elementary theme? We have the Elementary GTK and icon themes available through gtk-common-themes. The GTK 3 theme includes a dark variant, but doesn’t install it as an independent theme.

If you are forcing the dark theme via the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file, I don’t think this is visible within the snap application sandbox.

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I’m not real sure, it’s been the theme for years.
so i could try snap install gtk-common-themes?

I do have this in the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini:

VLC doesn’t even use Yaru or Yaru-dark, both provided by gtk-common-themes. So I think the problem is independent of the particular GTK theme.

I installed gtk-common-themes but didn’t change anything, unless there is some extra configuration needed somewhere? If I use the VLC in the Ubuntu software store then it shows up in a matching dark theme, but it is old and outdated which is why i wanna use the snap version.