Visibility of opensurge


I maintain snap opensurge (title: Surge the Rabbit) and for some reason it doesn’t seem to be public. It doesn’t appear in the store listing in my Ubuntu 20.04. It can only be found via search results (e.g., by typing its name).

The publicize menu says “When your snap is public and has a release, you’ll be able to share it using Store buttons, badges and embeddable cards”. It turns out that opensurge is marked as public and has a stable release, but I think that the system is not recognizing it as such.

What can be done to make it public?


  1. Games in alphabetical order. Surge the Rabbit doesn’t show up. I uninstalled it from my system and it still didn’t show up.
  2. Publicise menu
  3. The snap is marked as public

You didn’t show a screenshot of your snap’s “listing” page. You can select the category it will appear in. Make sure it’s categorized as “games”. If it is, let me know and I can check why it’s not appearing in the category’s listing.

But generally if you don’t set a category, the store has no idea it’s dealing with a game. The store can do many things but it can’t read minds :slight_smile: I see it listed here.

Thank you for your fast reply. The game has been on the store for over two years - in two categories: Entertainment and Games. I changed it to Games only a few hours ago to see if anything changed in the store, but nothing changed.

Even though it appears in the link you have provided, it does not appear in Ubuntu 20.04 (using Ubuntu’s “Programas”). Why not? It becomes very difficult to find it in this way. I could only find it by typing in the search field.

Maybe @kenvandine can look into why the client is not showing it - from the API point of view it is correctly categorized and listed as it should.

Any news? Why doesn’t the client show the game? Do I need to change something? @kenvandine