Virtual channels feature request

In @kyrofa mentioned that:

the ability to point channels to others isn’t a feature that Canonical has deigned to expose to end users.

Are there any plans to offer that feature to end users? Or any possibility to ask for it to be activated on the nextcloud snap?

Thanks a lot!

To clarify: if memory serves it’s possible to create e.g. a latest track that doesn’t contain snaps on its own, but actually points to the 20 track. Assuming that’s still happening (and I didn’t just imagine it in the first place), last I checked it required one to come here and request that the track point somewhere else when you needed to do so. If that’s still the case, then this isn’t something we want.

There is no way to make arbitrary tracks point to other arbitrary tracks.

You can designate a “default” track as explained here : This is probably what Kyle remembers but as you can see the details aren’t exactly as he described.

Reading the GitHub issue, it probably won’t help - but also, it’s not something we “deigned not to expose” - it just doesn’t exist.

  • Daniel

snapcraft set-default-track

Nice! You DID deign to expose it, “it” just got turned into a larger feature in my head :slight_smile: . This isn’t what we want @pachulo, I’m sorry.