Very slow gui apps startup

I am using GoLand IDE and it is extremely slow to start first time, takes 1 or 2 minutes.
I have almost filed a bug at Jetbrains bug trucker but when I opened gimp to edit these screenshots I realized gimp is having the same issue.
Second startup of both apps is super fast.

Ubuntu 20.10

I’m guessing both would benefit from switching to LZO compression.


Could you explain a bit more what is happening?
Why is it first time only?
I see java process is running but is system still unzippong app image contents?
I guess if this is the fix it is some users cannot change nteol and devs should change?
Also this is relatively slow Ryzen 5 cpu I think on another laptop with much fatster intel cpu it starts faster I think, is this related?

Thanks for the answer!

It’s slower on the first launch after each boot as the snap image is decompressed. Relaunching the app again until you reboot don’t need to decompress the image. The snap dev can opt into LZO compression, which is a lot faster to decompress than the default option, at the expense of a larger snap file size.

This blog post has a thorough explanation.