Very frustrating update process

I use Nordpass on Kubuntu 22.10, this application is updated very often, so I keep getting a daily “pending update”-alert with a countdown from 14 days.

This alert is very disturbing/distracting and I can’t do anything about it in GUI in Kubuntu 22.10. The update doesn’t appear along the others in Discover and snap-store isn’t installed by default.

The application is launched at login, so I have to manually exit it to update it. Which I usually forget before running the “snap refresh” command, since I never had to do that with any apt or rpm based systems in the 20+ years I’ve been running Linux.

I find it very frustrating and the opposite of user friendly, please find a better solution for handling updates.

If snapd need to close the application to update, it should ask if it can, not just show the daily “pending update”-alert without a way to solve the problem from the alert.

Agreed with your Frustration but be please assured snap developers are actively looking onto these, please check out -->

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Even the developers that implemented it as an interim solution are annoyed by it :wink: note that we’re all users as well …

but it is simply the smaller evil over losing your complete browser session and history when updating while the browser is running … as sam said above it is being worked on to have a better user experience.

snapd is used in a lot of critical environments (industrial controllers, medical devices, you name it), so such a change needs to be rock-solid before it lands for general availability, this takes its time …

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There are already changes in snapd (edge channel) that pre-download snap and then apply update if you close the app.

Today I had notification about snap-store update and I clicked OK. Then I closed the window of snap-store and the update was applied. I didn’t kill the process of snap-store or issue the refresh command.

snap changes
ID    Status  Spawn               Ready               Summary
1770  Done    today at 01:07 CET  today at 01:07 CET  Auto-refresh snap "snapd"
1771  Done    today at 19:22 CET  today at 19:22 CET  Pre-download tasks for auto-refresh
1772  Done    today at 19:22 CET  today at 19:22 CET  Auto-refresh snap "headset"
1773  Done    today at 19:22 CET  today at 19:23 CET  Auto-refresh snaps "snap-store", "snapd"

These are the commits to snapd that brought those changes:

The work will probably continue to make the update process better.