Version-script deprecated, cannot find docs


in fluxctl, we use version-script.

The most recent version of snapcraft now tells me:

Priming fluxctl 
DEPRECATED: The 'version-script' keyword has been deprecated in favour of the 'snapcraftctl set-version' part scriptlet.
See for more information.
Determining the version from the project repo (version-script).

Unfortunately does 404.

Trying to find this in the docs, I searched for version-script which led me to which says

Deprecated Use snapcraftctl set-version part scriptlet instead.

This links to - which 404s too.

Somewhere else I found which links to the same thing. It also links to which 404s as well.

Where can I find more info on how to move from version-script to set-version?

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I’m not sure where the docs have gone but this is what I did in response to the same warning:

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Super. I’ll try it out. Thanks Michael!

Sorry about these broken links. I’ve fixed them now. The quality of the search results is also something we need to improve.

We’ll also work on providing more information on how snapcraftctl set-version can be used to replace the old functionality.

This forum post helped me migrate from version-script.